Sheet Metal

MTI’s Sheet Metal Department has been a vital part of our company since 1993. With our ability to create custom designs and fabricate specialty projects, MTI meets HVAC challenges head-on. Our sheet metal technicians first determine what customers require, then produce innovative designs and solutions – all within the customers’ budget.

Sheet Metal Expertise

Our design, fabrication, and installation expertise pertains to a variety of building types, including industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, and food & beverage. Within these wide-ranging industries, MTI is highly adaptable. We are capable of performing sheet metal work that exceeds the expectations of each, individual customer. We are committed to improving indoor air quality and occupants’ comfort in all types of buildings.

Custom-made Solutions

Manufacturing and industrial facilities face unique ventilation challenges. Our craftsmen successfully meet these challenges with custom design and expert installation of ventilation and make-up air systems. Heating these large facilities is another challenge. MTI works with its customer to develop the optimal plant heater design and installation. Similarly, air handler installation and retrofits improve the indoor environment for individuals working in office buildings. Whatever project MTI undertakes, our sheet metal division offers excellent, cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Sheet Metal Capabilities

MTI sheet metal capabilities:

  • VAV installation
  • Custom design exhaust
  • Collection ductwork
  • Compressed air duct work and heat recovery design
  • Air blender technology design and installation
  • Energy recovery wheel installation
  • Boiler stack installation

Contact Us

The MTI Sheet Metal Division is eager to customize our next project just for you – to enhance your air quality and comfort. Contact us to arrange a site visit and complimentary quote.