HVAC Service

Mechanical Technologies Inc. opened its service department in 1989 to meet customer demand for turn-key solutions for their mechanical systems. Our service team, now with over 150 years of accumulated experience, continues to provide innovative, cost-saving solutions for customers.

Mechanical Service & Repair Capabilities:

  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Make-up air
  • Heating systems
  • Air handlers
  • Office & classroom HVAC
  • Plant ventilation
  • Specialized heating & cooling
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Steam heating & trap repair
  • Burner testing & tune-up

Highly Trained Service Technicians

MTI service technicians are trained on specialized equipment ranging in size and complexity. Our training extends from small, spilt-system air conditioning systems and small hot water boiler systems to 400-ton chillers and 1,000 horsepower boilers. Cross-training enables our technicians to service both heating and cooling equipment.

Technicians finish a five-year UA apprenticeship through local 400. Equipped with this training, they perform both general and emergency repairs. Our journeymen technicians continue their education to become certified in the UA Star Program. Technicians also complete OSHA 30 plus safety training. MTI holds a Michigan mechanical contracting license, reassuring our Upper Michigan customers of our expertise.

Energy Savings

We partner with Focus on Energy and We Energies to earn energy rebates for customers. Incentive-based payback programs help save energy and offset equipment costs.

Around-the-Clock Service

MTI responds to service calls 24/7/365 in northeast Wisconsin, southern Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan. We respond when and where you need us. Contact us today for service, preventive maintenance, cross-connection testing, and more.

Our preventative maintenance program is tailored to meet individual customer’s needs. We determine the required maintenance based on the age and condition of the equipment and mechanical systems. Preventive maintenance helps to maintain system functionality, minimize down time, and prevent costly repairs.

MTI provides a detailed service report. Essentially, we can sit down with our customers and track spending on their equipment to provide an equipment-replacement program.

MTI offers several options for maintenance programs: time and material, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly. MTI’s goal is to give customers peace of mind, knowing their mechanical equipment is performing at peak efficiency.

MTI service technicians are licensed in cross-connection testing per the state of Wisconsin. In addition, we are certified to perform cross-connection surveys for your water purveyor. We examine your pipes to check for defects and confirm the required devices are installed correctly, meeting the state plumbing code. Our skills, experience, and knowledge keep water systems operating at peak performance.

Purchasing a chiller is a big capital expense and normally goes hand-in-hand with process equipment. Proper maintenance of a chiller system keeps your system running longer and lowers energy costs. MTI technicians service and maintain chiller systems so chillers operate at peak performance. Additionally, we train customers on these complex systems.

With MTI, customers have the peace of mind knowing their system is serviced by knowledgeable and skilled technicians. MTI technicians service data room chillers, process chillers, office building chillers, and government facility chillers.

Spending money on a boiler system is often a big investment.  At MTI, we help protect that investment by expertly servicing boiler systems. As a result, customers get the most out of their equipment. Our technicians are skilled in turning a boiler’s burners to maximize efficiency.

MTI service technicians are trained in hot water boilers (up to 1,000 horsepower) and steam boilers. We are skilled in retrofitting aging boilers with new, high efficiency burners. Additionally, we are stay up-to-date on current codes for designing new boiler systems and repairing existing boilers.

The MTI boilermakers maintain high standards in their work. They have earned the National Board R Stamp, PP (Pressure Piping) endorsement, NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) endorsement, and Michigan repair license.

In Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, we experience more heating days than cooling days. Rely on MTI to service your commercial and industrial boiler systems, 24/7/365.

The MTI mechanical service division is highly skilled in replacing equipment and adding new equipment to your facility. Our knowledgeable and experienced pipefitters and sheet metal fabricators ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. Whether it is a custom ventilation project or a heat recovery project on the fluid side, we have the capacity to get the project planned and completed to your satisfaction.