Healthcare facilities devote their attention to the most delicate of our population. These medical facilities treat the sick, aged, and injured in all stages of life, from newly born to 100+ years old.

Creating Minimal Disruptions

MTI is attuned to the sensitive working environment required of mechanical contractors at nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. Our technicians complete their work with minimal disruption to the healthcare facility’s occupants. We successfully complete building automation system upgrades, boiler repair, piping projects, and sheet metal fabrication without interrupting the health care center’s daily routine.

Understanding Healthcare Facilities’ Needs

MTI technicians are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the operation, construction and mechanical systems of healthcare buildings. We have the training and experience to handle all types of mechanical installation, maintenance, and repair. Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems working at peak performance save energy dollars. These systems also provide outstanding comfort and excellent air quality for occupants.

Working Within Tight Budgets

Working within a tight budget can sometimes be an issue, and our team can provide workable financial solutions to get the job completed. We listen to your needs and provide services to resolve the issues you face.

Contact Us

Contact us for a complimentary consultation, 800-572-2063. We can recommend cost-saving and energy-saving ideas to maintain excellent air quality and exceptional comfort for patients, staff, and guests.