Boiler Division

This department is managed by Tom Arnoldi who has over 32 years of boiler repairs. Tom has full time boiler makers on staff to meet your needs.
Mti has PP and R stamps and Michigan repair license for low and high pressure boilers.
Many other service that we provide are Boiler cleaning and inspection, boiler tube and water leg repair and replacement. Refractory and heat exchanger repair, burner controls and upgrades.
Call us for your complete pressure vessel and parts inventory.
We also service all boilers and burners.

Our Boiler Services are:

  • Re-tubing
  • Pressure Vessel Repair
  • Refractory Repairs
  • Drum Internal repairs
  • Mud Leg Repairs
  • Accessory testing and repairs
  • Relief Valve replacement
  • Boiler Cleaning and inspection
  • Burner replacement
  • Burner Tune up
  • Burner Control systems
  • 24 hour emergency repair

Building Automation

Our building automation is one of a kind. Most Building Automation systems are in offices, schools and health care facilities. At MTi we incorporated our custom systems a step further in the manufacturing facilities. Some of the custom designs include paint booth ventilation control, Heat recovery, compressed air ventilation and air flow measuring plant ventilation control, Boiler room integration, chiller integration and Energy Dashboards.

MTi utilizes the open protocol provided by Distech Controls allowing us to program what the customer’s needs. The control systems can be accessed from the Web, and also has Apps which allows access from your smart devices.

MTi utilizes the Distech Controls in our Energy Projects which allow us to monitor and trend information to verify the savings. This custom design system becomes very valuable to our customers so that they can better manage their process. Some of our customers have told us that they can now see there plant operations so much better from before and actually understanding it better.

With our control package MTi is able to provide

  • 24 Emergency Service
  • Real Time 3D graphics
  • Custom control and wiring diagrams
  • Boiler Steam & Hot water Control
  • Chiller interface though Modbus and Bacnet
  • Make up air and plant Ventilation control
  • Paint Booth automation control
  • Office, Health Care, and school control
  • Compressed air ventilation control and metering.

Proud to be a ...

Piping Division

MTI has 30 plus years of piping experience through out the industry. Through hours of training and continuous education with the UA program with local 400 our piping division has the ability to go above and beyond the services of other mechanical contractors.

Mechanical Technologies piping specialties include:

  • ASME (PP stamp) authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to work on pressure piping.
  • Nation Board (R Stamp) authorized by national board of Boiler Pressure Vessels Inspectors to complete alterations and repairs on pressure vessels and Boilers.
  • Pipe Fabrication of stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, Victaulic systems and high pressure applications.
  • Process piping in paper industries, food grade services, hydraulic systems and pump skid systems.
  • Industrial, Institutional and commercial heating and cooling systems.
  • Chiller Cooling Tower and dry cooler systems.
  • Air compressor piping including Trans Air.
  • Compressed air grid Design.
  • Specialty fluid and chemical piping
  • Tank design and fabrication.


Our Plumbing Division started in 2003 at a time when the state codes on cross connection and back flow preventers had changed. Our customers requested our services and we responded with certified back flow prevention and cross connection design. Many of these projects were in the manufacturing industry, paper mills, food processing and schools.

OUR Plumbing Services are:

  • Back flow preventer testing
  • Water heater installation
  • Sink and fixture upgrades
  • Water and drain piping
  • Water softener installation
  • Sump pit repairs and installation



Service to our customers has and forever will be the focus of Mechanical Technologies. Our service technicians have finished a five-year UA apprenticeship through local 400. The five-year program provided the necessary training to meet our customer needs for both general and emergency repairs. Our journeymen technicians continued their education to become certified in the UA star program

Our Services are:

  • Chiller repairs
  • Boiler Repairs
  • Make Up air maintenance and service
  • Heating systems maintenance and repairs
  • Air Handler repairs and services.
  • Office and classroom HVAC service and repair
  • Exhaust systems repair and services
  • Specialized heating cooling maintenance and repairs.
  • Steam heating and trap repairs
  • Burner testing and tune-ups
  • Pneumatic controls service and repairs

Sheet Metal

MTI’s Sheet Metal Department has been a vital part of our company for over 24 years.
With our ability to provide custom design specialty projects and designs MTI’s Sheet Metal Division is capable of delivering to a wide variety of diverse projects.

MTI Sheet Metal includes

  • Office air handler installations and retrofits.
  • VAV installation
  • Custom design exhaust
  • Collection ductwork
  • Make up Air installation and design.
  • Compressed air duct work and heat recovery design
  • Air blender technology design and installation.
  • Plant Exhaust air design and installation.
  • Energy recovery wheel installation
  • Boiler stack installation
  • Plant heater installation and design