Industrial Markets

A majority of MTi projects are in the Industrial Sector.
Our solutions include process piping to increase efficiency and performance. Boiler and chiller repairs and upgrades are many of our services to reduce down time for our manufacturing customers.
Solutions to building negative air is one of our specialties.

MTi can provide analysis on the existing ventilation and provide a solution to eliminate and improve those conditions. Our building and plant Automation control system is custom made to measure and balance the plant with appropriate mechanical changes. In many cases gas fired make up air has been eliminated by utilizing wasted heat from the process or compressed air wasted heat.

Commercial Markets

MTi has been servicing the commercial industry since 1989. Many of our customers have asked us for solutions to improve their existing heating, cooling and ventilation for their facility’s. Some solutions include cost effect upgrades or improved building controls or modifying the existing mechanical equipment.

MTi’s building automation system has the ability to monitor and trend energy usage and find ways to manage and improve those efficiency’s.
To start just give us a call for a free consultation for your existing building.

Health Care

MTi has worked in numerous health care facility’s such as nursing homes, clinics and hospitals.
These services include cooling, heating and ventilation issues which provides comfort and air quality for their patients. Working on tight budgets can sometime be an issue and our team can provide our customers to meet those budgets.

We listen to your needs and provide services to resolve the issues you face daily.
Contact us for a consultation for improving your comfort or air quality needs.


MTi has been servicing k-12 schools and university’s since day one. We understand the demand for environmentally IAQ issues that are meet on a daily basis. Our service and expertise to provide solutions for comfort and air quality and costs have always been our goal.

We listen to your needs and bring back results within in your budgets. Contact us with any problems you are experiencing for free consultation.

Food Industries

MTi has been servicing the Food industries since day one. Mechanical equipment such as boiler, chillers, air handlers and controls are very crucial to the food industries survival. High pressure boilers are needed daily to keep the equipment sterile from unwanted bacteria. Cooling is needed to keep the product fresh and ventilation for fresh conditioned and insect free environment.

Every day we meet with our customers we here different needs to keep their facility’s going.
Working with older mechanical equipment to meet new standards has always been an issue.
Sometimes just making improvements and upgrades can meet your needs.
Contact us any time and we can help analyze your existing system for cost effective improvements.